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A belated welcome to the new kid, Tucker!


Tallulah kidded while I was at work on Tuesday, April 10th.  I came home to find this little bundle of joy, soaking wet and shivering outside the barn.  I quickly toweled him off and grabbed an old thrift store sweater and cut the sleeve off to make a little sweater for the kid, since all my usual coats were too big for him.  He was pretty tiny.  Of course, I carefully put my scale away so I could find it at lambing/kidding time and couldn’t find it to weigh him, but I think he was in the 5-6 lb range.   I didn’t know if he had nursed or not, but when I tried to get him to latch on to Tallulah he was clueless, and had no sucking instinct at all.  First I thought it was because Tallulah hadn’t been sheared and so there was too much fleece down there.  I called my neighbor Lisa (shown holding him above), and she came over to help me wrangle Tallulah so I could trim her udder and teat area so the little guy could find the teat.  That didn’t help, he still wouldn’t suckle.  


  By the 5 am feeding he finally figured out the bottle, and started to actually suck it and drink.  I was ecstatic!  I was also happy that I had been hearing Tallulah calling for her kid in the night (thanks to the baby monitor sent by Krysta).  These 2 things boded well for a reunion of mother and son.  I skipped the 9 am feeding, and brought the kid back to Tallulah instead, and this time, she followed me right into the former chicken coop/kidding pen when I brought him in, and he started to nurse immediately.  Such a huge relief!  He suckled both sides, ate and ate, and then the 2 of them curled up for a nap.  That may have been my happiest moment as a shepherd/goatherd to date.


First nursing!

Hi! I'm Tucker, 2 days old.

So, I’m happy to report that Tucker is growing, playing and sproinging around like a champ.  He and Atlas are great buddies.  They play king of the mountain on the big rock pile, or their moms, and launch themselves off of everything they can, like little skateboard punks.  They are too much fun to watch, and it’s very hard to get any real work done around here, what with all the cuteness out there.  More pics to come.

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