Long overdue Farm update

07/10/2011 at 11:17 am 3 comments

First off, let me just say that things have been crazy busy in my life the last few weeks, hence the delay in posting.  There’s been a lot going on, from adding new animals, to house guests who totally redid my kitchen, living room and dining area.
A few weeks ago, I took a day trip down to CT to Harlequin Farm, to pick up my new Finn sheep.  I got a yearling ram, named Skippyjon, and 12 week old ewe, named Lorelei.  They are a breeding pair, and the start of my flock of registered Finns.  I’ll also breed my shetland ewes to this ram, as my very favorite fleece to work with so far was  a shetland/finn cross from Harlequin Farm.

Skippyjon, yearling registered Finn ram.Lorelei, registered ewe lamb, @ 12 weeks old

These are the friendliest sheep ever, they come when you call their names, like dogs.  Skippyjon walks on a lead beautifully, Lorelei, not so much 🙂  They have been introduced to the rest of the flock, and everyone is getting along very well.   I’ve been trying to separate Skippyjon and Four from the girls, but they keep breaking out of the boy pasture.  So, for now, they are happily cohabitating, and I’m nervous about lambing in January.  This afternoon I hope to fix the short in the electric fence and try again.  But, either way, these new sheep are the beginning of my flock of registered Finns, and I can’t wait to see all the colored lambs next year.

Promise at rest

 On the kid front, all the kids are doing great!  This shot of Promise captures a rare moment of inactivity.  They are tough to photograph as they are so so fast, all my pics come out blurry.  But, I can report that they have all had their first hoof trimmings, FAMACHA checks (all 5s still, yay!) and Persy’s boy bits have fallen off (he was banded a few weeks ago) so he’s officially a wether now.  Hope and Persy have been being fed well and they are just about as big as Promise now, go Nola!  They are all growing strong, swift and unbelievably cute.  It’s a wonder I can get anything done around here at all.

my kitchen got a new look!

 Other very exciting news is that my house got a redo!  My dear friends Kirah, Kathleen and Eileen came up for a girls weekend at the end of June, for what I thought was a weekend of thrift store shopping, cooking and wine drinking, and they totally surprised me by making over my house.  I met them in Boston on a Wednesday for a Red Sox game, then we went up to Rockport for a lobster dinner.  We came back up to VT on Thursday, and I had to work on Friday.  While I was at work, they got to work.  They took every single thing out of my kitchen, cleaned the floor, walls, shelves, cabinets, appliances, everything.  Then they painted all my cupboards, and washed the windows.  When I got home from work, it was like a new kitchen!  They reorganized my pantry and cupboards, it was amazing to come home to that.  Then they continued all weekend, for 3 full days, they steam cleaned, they rearranged furniture, washed walls and windows, rehung my artwork, a total redo.  They inspired my neighbor Aaron to finally come fix my dishwasher too, I’ve been waiting for that for over a year.  They even manifested a new red couch!

The new red couch is awesome!

check out the chalkboard freezer door - genius!the new and improved dining area

 This was a huge, huge, huge gift!  My kitchen is tiny, and it was gross, filthy, greasy, mismatched cabinets, ugly, ugly wallpaper.  Now it’s clean and bright and cheery, and it helps me be motivated enough to cook decent meals for myself, which is big stuff for me.  I can’t thank you ladies enough!

Lastly, the Tour de Fleece started last weekend.  The TDF is a spin along that goes along with the Tour de France bike race….spinners from all over form teams and spin every day that the bikers race, that’s 21 days of spinning.  Over on ravelry, the Gilead Fiber Farm group has formed Team Tallulah, and we’re all spinning like mad.  I managed to spin up 16 ounces of fiber during the first week, in between working, and caring for animals 🙂

First week of TDF spinning

 I’ll continue to spin daily and hope to burn thru some of my ginormous fiber stash.  Daily updates are on ravelry for those of you who are interested.

Overall, things are moving along in a positive direction here at Gilead Fiber Farm.  I have amazing friends and support from all over, and that’s what keeps me going.  Well, that and the amazing flock of cuties that live out in my pastures, I love my critters like children.  Now, I’m off to find that short in my fenceline and enjoy some sunshine. 


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