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First kids have arrived at Gilead Fiber Farm!

It’s finally happened, the long awaited birth of the first kids on the farm!   They were born yesterday, with no help at all.   I came home from work yesterday and there they were…all cleaned up and walking around cute as could be.  Amazing!

Doeling...resting after the work of being born

 I have been anxiously awaiting the freshening, in fact, my friend Adrienne had been here visiting all week long, in the hopes of capturing the birth on film.  She even stayed an extra day, and as soon as she left, there they were.  Sorry Adrienne, but thanks so much for being here and holding my hand.  

Buckling, checking me out
Both babies and Nola are doing great.  They are nursing well, and Nola has figured out how to be a Mama.  I’m so happy and relieved.  These kids may be the cutest creatures I have ever seen.  It’s so much fun to watch them exploring the world, they’re already trying to jump, but their little legs aren’t so coordinated yet so they do alot of flopping around, which is hysterical.   I’m not sure how I’ll get anything done around here this weekend, between the wild weather and the new kids.
Tallulah is still waiting to kid, I think she’ll have a single, hopefully in the next day or two, she was bred just a couple of days after Nola.  She’s up in the kidding stall with Nola and the kids, and she’s being very sweet with them. 
In other news….this spring has been like monsoon season, it’s barely stopped raining.  Though I feel fortunate not to have experienced the floods and tornadoes that have plagued other parts of VT.  But, is hasn’t been too conducive to getting outdoor work done.  I’ve been busy gathering my sheep fleeces for blending with my mohair.  I picked up some coopworth lamb fleeces, some cormo fleeces, a BFL, and will be picking up a Finn or two still.  I’m prepping the fiber to go out to the mills, hopefully within the next week or so.  I’m actually heading to visit a new mill in VT today, Hampton Fiber Mill, in Richmond, VT.  I’m thrilled at the prospect of having some of my roving and yarn made entirely in VT!  But don’t worry, all you fans of Tallulah Toes…that will still get spun at Still River Mill, in the exact same blend as before 🙂

Nola and her kids, learning to nurse.

Also, in a few weeks I’ll be heading down to Harlequin Farm in CT to pick up a couple of Finn sheep, a ram and a ewe, Skippyjon and Lorelei.  I’ve been wanting Finns since before I even got my goats, so I’m super excited about them.  I’ll start breeding them in the Fall, and I’ll breed my shetland ewes to Skippyjon too.  Finn wool is my favorite wool to spin, and I once got a gorgeous Finn/Shetland lamb fleece from them that was the nices fleece I’ve ever worked with.  I’m looking forward to my own home grown Finn next year.
There are still a few spots open in the Intro to Shamanism workshop happening June 11/12, so come on over and join us.  Learning to journey in the spirit world, and getting in touch with the unseen powers in the universe is a pretty useful way to spend a weekend, in my humble opinion.  (see my previous post for details)
Births on the farm at last!  Now I think I can call myself a real farmer, and it feels so right.   There will be many more kid photos to come. 

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