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Barn Raising this weekend!

How can you resist Susie's sweet smile?

I'm so ready for that new pasture....

she's been talking about this shed forever....

Getting the shed that I won along with the goats put together and out in the pasture has proven to be a bit of an issue for me. Every time I think I’ve got the bodies and the knowledge scheduled to be here at the same time, I’ve been disappointed. I know, life happens, plans change. People mean well, and then before you know it, your window of opportunity has shut (i.e. it started snowing) and the project was shelved last Fall.

But, Easter is all about resurrection, and so, I’m resurrecting the barn raising project, and have at least 2 couples on board to come for the weekend to make it happen. Add in the few folks in the neighborhood who don’t have out of town plans, and we have a barn raising in the making! If you’re in the central VT area, or within an easy drive and have an inkling to lend a hand, you’re welcome to join us.

We’ll start out on Saturday morning about 10 am. The shed is a kit. It’s all precut, labelled and predrilled, complete with hardware, so it shouldn’t be a terrible job. It’s like a big Ikea bookcase, and we just need hands to move things around and hold them while they get attached etc.

In addition to raising the shed, I’ll be cooking up a nice, home grown Easter ham, with all the fixins. So, if you’re around, and have any inclination to check out the farm, goats, sheep, fiber or shed building, come on down. Leave your email in the comments and I’ll send you directions and contact info.

My neverending thanks to Krysta and Eric, for getting the ball rolling and giving up their Easter weekend. Special thanks also to my cousin Pete and his squeeze Maggie, for offering to make the trip up from VA to help out. Pete’s on woodchuck duty too 🙂

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