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The Barn is Raised!

The Dream Team - Pete, me, John, Krysta, Eric and Maggie

Ta Da!
My never ending gratitude to Pete, Maggie, Eric, Krysta and John for making this happen.  Everyone was amazing, not a single complaint, no whining, everyone got along, we laughed alot, and most importantly, we got the job done.  Just in time too, moments after we were finished the shearer showed up to shear the goats and sheep.  It was a very eventful day, I’m still recovering from the awesomeness of it all and promise to share more pics and stories later. 
Soon the field will be dry enough to drag the shed out to pasture.  We did do a little test drag to ensure that it would a) actually move and b) not come apart when it moved.  Thanks to Eric’s foresight and bracing, it held up fine and will for a long time to come.   
THANK YOU ALL!!!  Those of you who were physically here working, cutting, screwing, and holding, preparing meals, and those of you who were with us in spirit, cheering us on from all over the globe.  I am blessed to have such love and support in my life.

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