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Susie in the sunshine

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Vigo doing what he does best

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Corn Husk Fever

Tallulah loves the corn

nom, nom, nom

She likes it

I’ve been spoiling the flock with lots of corn husks, and the occasional ear of wonky corn of late.  I collect food from a few local restaurants to feed to our pigs, and lately one of them has been going hog wild for fresh corn.  They kindly keep the corn husks separate from the rest of the food waste, since I discovered that the goats love them, much more so than the pigs.  Every couple of days I get a grain sack full of husks and ugly corn, and I spread them around the pasture.  The goats, and lately the sheep and Vigo even, go crazy running around the pasture eating them up, sometimes they even fight over them.  I took a great video of the corn husk fever, but I can’t figure out how to post it, which is too bad.

In other news, the never ending fencing project continues.  Right now, the permanent fence is up around 2/3 of the middle pasture, with electric net fencing rounding it out, so the flock has access to the full middle pasture at last.  No more daily moving of the fence, hooray!  So far, they’ve respected the new fence, and don’t appear to have any desire to wander, now that they can get more shade from the big pines up in the top part of the pasture.

Susie, chillin' in the new pasture

They all love it up there, there’s tons of brush, small saplings and huge pine trees up there.  It’s also near to the road, and my neighbors have been enjoying be able to watch the flock as they travel along the road.  I  hope to get the bottom portion of permanent fence up over the next couple of weekends. 

I’m fortunate to have 2 barns.  One is right next to my house (and the road) and one is smaller and down in the middle pasture.  The one up by the house is where I kept the goats last winter, and it was a mess by the time I brought them down to the lower barn for the summer.  I attempted to clean it with my regular garden pitchfork, and I cried as I realized it was going to take me the rest of my natural life to do it that way.  I couldn’t figure it out, I mean, people do this all the time, how come I couldn’t get the hay (and manure) out of that barn?  I noticed when I visited my sister that she had a couple of different kinds of pitchforks around in her (horse) barn.  So, I went to the hardware store and looked at pitchforks/rakes.  Who knew there were so many different kinds?  I felt like a bit of a schmuck not having noticed this before, considering that I live in a rural area and almost all my neighbors have livestock of one kind or another, why hadn’t anyone told me?    I broke down and purchased a new hay fork for $30, took it home and attacked that stall full of old bedding, and guess what?  That hay fork did the job, beautifully!  I mean, it’s still shoveling shit and all, but in about an hour I had 1/4 of it out of there.  Granted, it’s gonna take me another 5 hours or so to finish, but my plan is to just do a little every day, so I don’t break my back, and it’ll be all clean and ready for the winter by next week.  I’m so excited about my new hay fork  that  I have also completely cleaned out the lower barn.  Mucked the stalls down to the floor, hosed it out, applied some stall dry and fresh straw.  The look on Vigo’s face when he walked in to the nice fresh smelling barn was priceless, I so wish I had gotten a picture of that. 

Sweet Nola

Fall is finally in the air around here….leaves are starting to turn, the days are cooler, and shorter.  It’s dark when I get up in the morning already!   Soon it will be shearing time again.    I’ve decided that I’d like to breed the does this year too, so I’m starting to look for a buck now.  If anyone out there knowsof a handsome angora buck in the area let me know.

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