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I realize that I haven’t given much info about the rogue sheep lately.   They have been happy to stay home since their big walkabout, thankfully.  They are adjusting to their new digs really well.   They’ve made friends with the goats, and they still love Vigo. 

They’ve gotten much more friendly, and have decided that they do like to get scritches under their chins after they gorge themselves on corn husks.  (the local restaurant’s been using loads of fresh corn, and the goats and sheep like the husks much more than the pigs, so they get ’em all)   They’re still a little skittish with new people, but we’re working on that.  I even got Susie to allow me to put a sheep halter on her one day last week.   That was a first for both of us, and she was very patient while I figured it all out.   We took a little stroll around the pasture and while she didn’t love being led, she didn’t fight it either (I so wish I could take pics of these things while I’m doing them).  So, progress is progress.  We’re all getting to know each other better, and trust is deepening day by day. 

I’m hoping to finish off the perimeter fencing this weekend.   Next up, lining up the volunteers for shed building.  My original volunteers haven’t been able to coordinate a good time to all meet up, so I’m looking at plan B.  So, if you’re in or around central VT and have any interest in helping to put up a nice post and beam shed (all cut, drilled and ready to put together, like a big Ikea chest) leave a message in the comments.  It’s looking like the first or second week of September right now.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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