Peaceful Pastures

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Vigo haning out in the shade

It’s been very hot around here lately, and humid.  I’ve been spending most of my time refreshing water buckets and tanks.  The flock is faring pretty well.  We have a good amount of shade by the barn and about half of the pasture is shaded at any given time of day.  They graze early in the morning and late in the day when it cools off a bit.  I’ve been attempting to cool them off with mist from the hose, but mostly, they don’t like it, so I hose down the rocks they like and hope for the best.  So far, so good.  During the day everyone mostly just lies around in the shade, chewing their cud, waiting for a breeze to come thru.

I should be out digging post holes, but it’s just been too hot.  I’m working on finishing up the perimeter fencing so that I don’t have to move electronet fences every day.  I’m feeling lucky that the sheep have integrated themselves back into the flock and appear to be happy enough to stick around.  They still follow Vigo around like lovesick puppies, it’s cute really.  Vigo hasn’t had any urge to roam of late either, so I’m hopeful that my days of chasing livestock around the neighborhood are over, at least for a while.   For the moment, all is peaceful in the pastures, everyone is getting along, and I’m a happy fiber farmer.

Varitek has such a sweet face, and those freckles!

My first batch of millspun yarn came back from the mill last week too.  I’m super excited about it.  But, I am not going to show it until I have the rest back too.   I’m planning to do a fiber festival event in White River Junction, VT in the November where all will be revealed (if I can stand waiting).  More info on that will be forthcoming as we get closer to it. 

Tallulah is still the boss

Also, I’m participating in the Tour de Fleece again this year.  It’s an event for spinners where we spin along with the riders on the Tour de France.  We have rest days when they do, challenge days when they do.  So, I’ve been getting a good amount of spinning in, in spite of the heat.  I’ll post some photos of the latest yarns over on the gallery pages.

That’s about all I’ve got at the moment, just wanted to give a little update, now that things have calmed down around here.  Must get some more pics of the sheep this week, they’re a little camera shy 🙂

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