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Quick Update…

There’s alot of hurry up and wait going on around here these days. 

 A llama has found it’s way to me, almost.  He was all set to come, but needed his shearing first, and of course, it rained and snowed during the 2 days set aside to do that.  Now I have to wait, since we have a big party coming up at the end of the month, and it doesn’t seem prudent to try to bond the goats and llama with all kinds of extra craziness going on.  I’ve been wanting to get some pics of the new guy, but it just hasn’t worked out.  He’s about a mile up the road from me currently, hanging with my neighbors other llamas and sheep, biding his time.  I’m looking forward to learning a few new lessons.

The shed has finally made it up to our house.  The volunteer builders will all be on hand at aforementioned party at the end of the month, so the shed will get built, and hopefully hauled out to the new pasture just in time for the new llama.  I also was gifted a 16′ metal hay wagon roof, which will become another shelter for the southern pasture.  This gives me a shelter in each pasture section, which is phenomenal.  I still have to get all my perimeter fencing up, but for the time being, moving the electronet fencing around has been working just great.  So, shelter issues will be well covered. ( ugh, forgive the bad pun)

So, all of this progress, and the abundance of green grass in my pastures, and my love all things fiber, emboldened me to adopt a couple of Shetland ewes.  I’ll be bringing them home the first week of June.  I just couldn’t resist, they need a home, and I’m feeling adventurous 🙂   Plus, the nices fleece I’ve processed and spun to date was a Finn/Shetland cross, so I figure it couldn’t hurt to have the option to breed them.  There are still a couple of Shetland whethers available if anyone is interested, just let me know and I’ll pass on the contact info.

I still plan to get a couple of Finns (Finnish Landrace) sheep a little later in the season.  The farm in CT where I’m going to get them is still in the midst of lambing, so once that’s all done and they’ve decided who’s up for sale I’ll go pick out a couple.   I think that will do it for me this year, though I wish I had a nickel for every alpaca offer I’ve had over the last couple of months 🙂

Pics and more updates soon.

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Ah, Spring…

Good morning!

Spring has sort of arrived in VT.  We’ve had crazy weather, everything from 80 degrees and sunny to full on snowing in the last couple of weeks.  Thankfully, the grass is green and growing like crazy in the pastures.  The goats have been enjoying fresh grass every day.  They really love these piles of rocks that I’ve included in their enclosure of late.  I find them all standing around on them every morning.  There is occasional jockeying for position, who gets to be king of the hill…

Seymour is King of the Hill

And there is the occasional round of head butting…

Tallulah and Nola wind up

Everybody butt heads

But mostly they are just hanging out, enjoying the sunshine and  eating lots of nice green grass.  Things are pretty peaceful around the barn and pasture these days. 

This will probably change pretty soon.  I have found a llama.   He is currently up the road at my neighbor’s place, awaiting a hair cut and pedicure.  We were going to shear him and do his hooves and walk him down to my place last weekend, but between the rain all day on Saturday and the snow on Sunday, he was too wet for shearing, and it was too cold anyway.  So, we’re waiting for a window of nice weather, and time that both John and I are availalbe, and then the new llama will come down and meet the goats.   The llama seems to be a pretty chill guy, and John (along with many llama folks I spoke to at the NH Sheep & Wool Festival last weekend) thinks it won’t be a big deal.  The llama was born out in a field full of sheep and has been with a flock all of his life.  He’s a 2 year old gelding, who has not yet been named.  I’m thinking Viggo or Gunnar, but we’ll see what he thinks about that when we do the walk home.  Pictures of the new llama will be up soon.

My first sample skein...Mohair/Coopworth blend 2 ply

In other exciting news, I dropped my first batch of fiber from my first shearing off to be spun last weekend.  So, soon there will be yarn!

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