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Nola in the sun

I got the results back from the samples I brought to the vet last week, and the goats have NO worms!  Yay!   I was a little nervous that maybe my wormer wasn’t working after what happened with Pedey, and I had just treated everyone with it.  So, I’m relieved to find that it did indeed work.  Having a place where I know we are worm free is fantastic.  Now I can start on my herbal wormers for the summer knowing that we started out right.  I’ll continue to test periodically to ensure that it is keeping the worm load down, but am excited at  the prospect of using a gentler method, less chemicals is good news in my book.  

I’ve been doing some research on herbal dewormer products and I’m narrowing down my choice.  Since I’ve just wormed the goats I have a little time to decide and stock my choice.  I’m looking at Dynamite products and Molly’s Herbal products right now.  If anyone has any recommendations on herbal dewormers I’d love to hear them.

The pasture is greening up nicely.

In other news, I attended the Wool Giveaway at Vermont Shepherd farm last Sunday.  VT Shepherd is a wonderful farm in southern VT where they are making award winning (and delicious) sheep’s milk cheese.  Over the last 15 or 20 years VT has lost it’s large wool pool market, and they had been collecting fleece over the last few years with no outlet for selling it.  So, with an eye to finding a market or perhaps even building a little local business, they hosted the wool giveaway event.  They invited fiber artists to come and demonstrate washing, dyeing, carding, felting and spinning with wool, sampled and sold their amazing cheeses, and gave away about 10,000 pounds of wool.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm spring VT day and hundreds of people came out to watch the lambs gambol around the pasture, taste some cheese, check out the fiber arts and bring home some wool.  I wish I had remembered to bring my camera!\

My friend Kristin Husher, of Good Fibrations, and I met up and made the hour and a half trek down.  She brought some CD drop spindle making supplies, and we set up in the barn, showing people how to make spindles with old CDs and then taught them how to spin on them, with the raw wool that was being given away.  I might add that the wool was really nice, clean, lustrous, crimpy goodness.  Their sheep are Dorset/Tunis/Friesian crosses and their fleece is wonderful.  I would have been happy to buy the fleece, but they just gave me 2 huge bags for free!

baa baa black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, 2 bags full!

I’ve been planning to get some nice wool to have blended with the mohair from the goats after I shear them, and this might just be it!  Look how clean and pretty it is.

Dorset/Tunis/Friesian cross wool

I think those 2 bags represent about 15 pounds of wool.  I’ll start washing it soon.  My current thought is to separate some wool and mohair into a few smallish 3-5 pound bundles, and send them off to a few different mills to see how the different mills differ in quality, price and customer service.  I’ll have some processed into roving, and some into yarn for sale.  Of course, I’ll keep a bit to process by hand for my own personal use, just cuz I can. 

A closer look at that fleece

I’ll be having my first shearing lesson on Saturday, thanks to my neighbor and his large flock of sheep.  Wish me luck.

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New digs Gearing up for the big day.

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  • 1. Deb Clemens  |  04/15/2010 at 6:51 am

    good luck with the shearing; I’d be interested to know what you decide about the herbal dewormer… I’m thinking of taking a fecal course in July up in Canton (how exciting a life do I have?)… and I have a friend who does very nice rovings on her electric carder/picker….. if you are looking for a small, woman-owned, not large volume wool processor, I’ve got a recommendation for you!

  • 2. countryelvis4  |  04/15/2010 at 8:18 am

    I’d love the name of that woman owned processor! That would be a nice bonus in the history of the wool 🙂


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